About Us  
Carla Sports:

We Provide Stronger Quality on Sports

About Us

“Carlasports” is a Company which is the No 1 Manufacturer of bits in Pakistan. Carla sports specializes in Gloves and Garments. At Carla sports, we have a highly technical team of people that supervises the designing and production of high quality products.

Our Motto

We Grip on Quality.

Our Work Force

We have a dedicated work force that is trained to a very high level of proficiency. We have best available manufacturing setup which combine with the worker skills and end result is a top quality product. Each worker is watched for his performance and only the best are retained in the factory in order to produce the finest hand made products.

Our Quality Standards

In order to achieve the highest standards in quality, we carry out inspections at following stages:

• Procurement of raw material

• Cutting
• Stitching
• Packing

Products found defective or not up to the required standard are rejected. Only the finest products are packed for export.

Countries of Export

We export our products to the following countries:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden UK and USA. Our sales are expanding to other parts of the world too.....